Skincare Essentials For Men With Oily Skin Skincare Essentials For Men With Oily Skin

Skincare Essentials For Men With Oily Skin

To the men with oily skin, do all of you feel that despite doing almost everything in your power to get rid of the greasiness, you are only triggering the mighty rage of sebum? This is probably because you’re not doing skincare correctly. Shiny and greasy skin, clogged pores, and pimples are some of the tell-tale signs of oily skin. While you can’t completely break free from these oily skin-induced issues, you can definitely tackle them with the right skincare products. A dedicated oily skincare routine powered by effective skincare ingredients and products are the ultimate way of achieving oil-free healthy skin. Hence, knowing which products are essential and which skincare ingredients and formulations of products work best on oily skin is crucial before building your skincare regimen. Wondering where to start? Fret not! We have done some groundwork and come up with a list of men’s grooming essentials for oily skin, especially for you.

Men’s grooming essentials for oily skin

Here is a catalogue of oily skincare essentials for men:

Oil-control face wash

Due to having over-active sebaceous glands, men experience oilier skin and additional and larger pores. Hence, choosing an oil-clear face wash (with ingredients like mineral clay and menthol) seems to be the best choice. This men’s grooming essential for oily skin will help remove excess oil without drying and keep your face oil-free all day. If you suffer from oil-induced acne, then you can trust an anti-acne face wash (with ingredients like salicylic acid) for the best results.

Face scrub

When it comes to oily skin, exfoliation is crucial. Hence, a face scrub can be considered one of the men’s grooming essentials for oily skin. Face scrubs help slough off dead skin cells and remove oil build-up. If you are unsure about how to find the right face scrub for you, look for natural ingredients like coffee, walnuts, and other active ingredients like charcoal for exfoliating.


Toner may not seem to fit the list of men’s grooming essentials for oily skin but believe us it is! A toner helps cleanse your skin and banish oil from pores that may not fully get washed away with cleansing. Balance your skin’s pH levels with a balancing toner. This type of skincare essentials for men makes sure your skin isn’t too dry. Wondering which skincare ingredient works amazing as a toner? The short answer is witch hazel.

Hydrating serum gel moisturiser

Thick and heavy moisturisers are a big no for men with oily skin! A lightweight water-based moisturiser is what you need to pick for your oily skin. This type of moisturiser can efficiently regulate your skin’s natural oil production and keep oiliness at bay. Our suggestion would be to go for a vitamin C serum gel moisturiser. As a men’s grooming essentials for oily skin, this product has the power to hydrate and moisturise the skin, and most importantly fade away dark spots and leave you with bright skin. If your skin is swept with angry-looking pimples, then go for an anti-pimple cream and prep your skin to fight against pimple-causing bacteria. 


Sunscreen is non-negotiable and mandatory to use for every skin type. Therefore, including sunscreen in your grooming kit is crucial. Sunscreen offers optimal protection against the sun’s harmful rays and prevents sun burn, premature ageing, and skin cancer. Select this men's skincare essential aka sunscreen that comes with oil-absorbing agents and ingredients like zinc oxide and octinoxate.   

With this elaborate list of men’s grooming essentials for oily skin, we have reached the end of our article. Go through the product list, select, and start applying them right away! Need more help with products and skincare advice for oily skin? Browse through the Garnier skincare products and skincare tips and detach the veil of excessive sheen and greasiness from your face.