Raksha Bandhan Gift for Brothers Raksha Bandhan Gift for Brothers

Raksha Bandhan Gift for Brothers

The joyous season of festivities is about to begin, and the first celebration is of the bond between a brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan is fast approaching and it is time to start looking for gifting ideas. This year make sure to shower your brothers with gifts too. While buying your brothers a gift, ditch the usual chocolates, mugs and clothes and instead, buy them the gift of self-care. If your brother uses products from your skincare stash, it is time to buy him his own this Raksha Bandhan. From moisturizing creams, face masks to face wash for pimples and more, we have curated a list that will help you curate a perfect skincare gift hamper.

1. Cleanser

This is the most important step of every skincare routine, and no skincare hamper is complete without it. Start building your hamper with a cleanser that will deeply cleanse your brother’s skin. If your brother has acne-prone skin, one of the best facewash for pimples for men is the Garnier Acno Fight face wash. This facewash is enriched with Salicylic Acid and Herba Repair. This gel-based facewash helps to deeply cleanse your face while drying out pimples, uprooting blackheads, tightening pores, reducing redness and lightens dark marks on the face making it the best face wash for acne and pimples.

If your brother has oily skin, you could choose the Garnier Oil Clear Clay D-tox facewash. This facewash has mineral clay that purifies your skin and removes excess oil without drying it out. It also has menthol which refreshes your skin and gives you an all-day-long cool and fresh sensation. If your brother’s skin is looking dull and tired, the Garnier Turbo Bright Facewash Charcoal Skin Brightening Facewash is the perfect pick for him. This facewash is enriched with black charcoal and an icy clay complex that deeply cleanses the skin by removing dust and oil.

2. Moisturizing

After cleansing the next step would be to add a moisturizing cream to your skincare hamper. No matter what skin type, everyone needs to hydrate and moisturize their face. If your brother has acne-prone skin, an anti pimple cream will moisturize the face while combating the acne. The Garnier Acno Fight Pimple Clearing Brightening Cream is a great pimple cream for men. This face cream has a double-action formula that gives you visibly brighter skin, alongside fighting pimple-causing bacteria, drying out pimples and reducing redness, all while leaving you feeling cool and fresh. For additional and targeted pimple care you could also incorporate the Garnier Acno Fight Pimple Clearing Pen in the hamper. This spot treatment visibly reduces the size of pimples in just a few hours.

If you want to make sure your brother’s skin is protected from the harsh rays of the sun, the Garnier Anti - Pollution Brightening Moisturiser is a must add to your Raksha Bandhan gift hamper. This moisturizer helps to brighten your skin while providing your skin with UV protection. The properties of green tea help combat uneven skin tone, dark spots and cell damage.

3. Sheet Mask

No skincare routine is complete without a sheet mask. Sheet masks are a great and simple way to pamper the skin while letting your skin absorb the benefits of the enriching serum. There is no need to add regular sheet masks to your brother’s skincare hamper, as this Garnier face mask is made specifically for men’s skin. The Garnier Men XL Charcoal Mask is a Garnier charcoal mask for men that intensely hydrates and purifies your skin while also unclogging and tightening pores. This Garnier sheet mask is designed to specifically fit their face with ease. With the Garnier Charcoal face mask, you can purify your skin and also brighten it.

There you have it, a simple fuss-free skincare routine that will make for the perfect gift for your brothers. Gift your brother the best of pampering and skin that is brighter and clearer.