Beard Shape Based On Your Face Type Beard Shape Based On Your Face Type

Beard Shape Based On Your Face Type

All of us have a distinct face shape and facial hair growth. This means that the beard shapes your best friend rocks may not look the same on you. Remember, the art of growing a beard is not limited to simply removing or trimming the facial hair. It also involves choosing the right beard style, the one that compliments your face shape and enhances your overall appearance. Just like choosing the right haircut can accentuate your features, selecting the perfect beard shape can do wonders to your look. To help you understand better, we’re here with some beard styles tailored to suit different face shapes and provide tips on how to pick the right one for you. Read ahead to know more.

Understanding Your Face Type

When deciding on a V-shaped beard or a square one, you need to have your face type in mind. Here’s how to determine your face type

  1. Oval Face: If you have a slightly wider cheekbone, gentle jawline and a forehead that is a little broader than the chin, you have an oval face type. The oval face can pull off almost all beard styles with ease.
  2. Round Face: People with a round face have a circular appearance with a rounded chin and softer angles. The best beard for a round faceis the one that creates the illusion of elongation.
  3. Square Face: Square faces are characterised by a strong, angular jawline and a forehead of similar width. Beard shapesthat soften these features work the best.
  4. Heart Face: Heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and cheekbones, and a narrow chin. The ideal beard shapefor this face type is the one that balances the face while adding volume around the chin.
  5. Oblong Face: Oblong faces are longer in shape with a slightly rounded chin and forehead. Beard shapesthat add width to the sides of the face can help create balance to this face type.

Choosing the Right Beard Shape

Once you’ve identified your face type, it’s time to explore beard shapes that compliment it

  1. Beard Styles for Oval Face
  • Full Beard: Oval faces are versatile, and a full beard with well-groomed contours can enhance your appearance.
  • Short Stubble: A neatly trimmed stubble will also add a charm without overwhelming the face.

  1. Beard Styles for Round Face
  • Square Beard: A square beard shape, featuring clean lines along the jaw will help to add definition to a round face.
  • Extended Point: Extend the small beard on your chin to slightly create a slimming effect.

  1. Styles for Square Faces
  • Van Dyke: A Van Dyke beard combines a pointed chin beard and a moustache, softening the strong jawline.
  • Beardstache: Keep the moustache thicker while maintaining a shorter beard for balance.

  1. Beard Styles for Heart Faces
  • Anchor Beard: The anchor beard shapeis a well-defined jawline and connected moustache that adds balance to heart-shaped faces.
  • Mutton Chops: Classic mutton chops add width to the lower part of the face, creating balance.

  1. Beard Styles for Oblong Faces
  • Short Beard with Undercut: A shorter beard shapewith a disconnected undercut will add structure to oblong faces.
  • Chin Strap: A neatly trimmed chin strap can create the illusion of a wider jawline for oblong face.

Beard Grooming Tips

Selecting the right beard shape is just the beginning; proper beard grooming  is essential to keep your mane looking its best and here are some tips to do so –

  1. Invest in Grooming Tools: A good beard trimmer, scissors, and a fine-toothed comb are essential for maintaining your beard shape.
  2. Regular Trimming: Keep your beard in shape by trimming it regularly to maintain the desired length and style.
  3. Beard Care Products: Use the beard and moustache oil to moisturise and condition your facial hair, preventing dryness and promoting a healthy beard. This will also reduce frizz, boost shine, and smoothen hair texture.
  4. Brush and Comb: Regularly brush or comb your beard to remove tangles and distribute natural oils evenly.
  5. Keep Your Face Clean: Don’t forget to keep your face clean and free of impurities to avoid accumulation of oil, dirt, and dust. You can go for the brightening face wash to achieve clear, fresh-looking skin.

So, keep the above-mentioned face types, beard shapes and grooming tips in mind and browse through a wide range of Garnier men's products and tips to keep your beard looking at its best and achieve a harmonious and stylish look effortlessly!