This Chocolate Day add a touch of chocolate brown hair color to your look! This Chocolate Day add a touch of chocolate brown hair color to your look!

This Chocolate Day add a touch of chocolate brown hair color to your look!

Does brown-toned hair remind you of chocolate? Us too! Chocolate brown hair colors have to be the most popular and loved. It looks super chic and elegant and pairs well with every occasion and outfit. It livens your hair and gives it a beautiful look. If you want to add a brunette touch to your tresses, there are many chocolate hair color shades to choose from. This is why to celebrate the occasion of World Chocolate Day we are here with chocolate brown hair color ideas that are sure to make everyone fall in love with your hair.

1. Dark chocolate-inspired color

Chocolate lovers will agree, that dark chocolate is elite. If you are looking to change up your hair color around chocolate day, you can opt for a solid dark brown shade. Dark brown hair color is a classic choice as it suits all skin tones and undertones. This shade of dark chocolate brown hair has minimal maintenance. It adds warmth to your appearance and hair! To elevate the appearance of your dark brown hair further make sure you use nourishing hair masks This will make your tresses look super glossy and make your chocolate brown hair color pop.

2. Milk chocolate-inspired color

Milk chocolate has to be a fan favourite! If you want chocolate brown hair inspired by milk chocolate, then it is time to opt for lighter brown tones. Light brown hair color is a classic that can be paired with several other shades as well. A molten chocolate brown hair color with a dark brown base and light brown highlights can elevate your hair. If you want light brown ends you can create a beautiful balayage. A balayage is super easy to maintain as it doesn’t require any touch-ups or toning.

3. Caramel chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth, you are bound to love caramel chocolate. Not only is caramel chocolate delicious, but a hair color inspired by it also looks wonderful. For caramel chocolate brown hair color, you can opt for a golden brown shade. This shade is a beautiful blend of golden and brown that will lighten your hair and give you a youthful look.

If you don’t want stark golden undertones, you can opt for a shade of caramel brown hair color. This will add warmth to your hair and lighten its appearance slightly. This chocolate brown hair color is super flattering on people with lighter skin tones. It adds golden tones to your hair which pops against fairer skin. You can use a golden brown or caramel brown hair color to create babylights, as it adds volume to your hair.

4. Ruby chocolate

Ruby chocolate has to be one of the rarest types of chocolate in the world. It is naturally red and has a fruity note. To create a hair look inspired by ruby chocolate hair color, you can blend tones of brown and red hair color. Red and brown is a classic combination that especially compliments people with deeper skin tones.

To create a mix of red and chocolate brown hair colors, you can opt for a beautifully blended balayage. This will keep your roots browner but add red highlights in the end. This will also give your tresses a pop of color! If you want something bolder, you can also opt for a global plum red hair color with a chocolate brown hair color as your base.

Chocolate brown hair color is always going to be a classic choice. Pick your favourite shade of brown hair color from a range of Garnier hair colors. If you’re confused about which shade will best suit you, the Garnier Hair color Virtual Try On tool will assist you. So next time you’re in the mood for a hair makeover, don’t forget to indulge in the goodness of chocolate brown hair color.