How Go From Brown Hair To Red Hair How Go From Brown Hair To Red Hair

How Go From Brown Hair To Red Hair

If you are a brunette, you have probably dreamt of ditching your brown locks and sporting a vibrant red hair color instead. Brown hair color is not boring, don’t get us wrong, but the right shade of red can completely transform your look. If you have always been drawn to the alluring red hair color shades, here is how you can switch up your natural hair color to this stunning hue.

1. Understand your undertones

To find the best red hair color shade that will complement your skin tone and brighten your overall complexion, you need to know your undertones. If you have no idea how undertones work and how they can make or break your look, here is an easy guide to help you find the best hair color for your skin tone. As a general rule of them thumb, you should pick shades that create a contrast against your skin tone and prevent you from looking sallow and washed out. You can play it safe with more muted shades of red or go all out with a vivid hue that creates a bold and dramatic look.

2. Test out different red color shades virtually

If you are indecisive and cannot make up your mind, you can use the Garnier Virtual Try On tool to experiment with the different red hair color shades. The Virtual Try On tool allows you to test the different shades in real time, and from the comfort of your own home. You can either use your camera for a live demo or upload a picture from your gallery to see how the various shades of red look on you. Browse through the many options, play around with the shades with no commitment, and find the best hair color for you in just a few minutes.

3. Time to go from brown to red at home

Once you have figured out the best shade of red, follow the step by step hair colouring guide to switch up your colour at home like a pro. Remember to plan ahead, prep your hair and skin, keep all supplies ready, and read the instruction leaflet before jumping straight in with the kit.

• Things to keep in mind about red hair

Red hair color shades are notorious for fading away quickly and that is because red hair molecules are larger than those of other colours. This makes it difficult for the colour pigments to fully penetrate your hair. Since the colour does not go in as deep as the others, it washes away more easily. So if you want to hold on to your eye-catching red shade for longer, you need to keep a few things in mind and take extra care of your hair post colouring.

Tip 1 – Wash your hair less frequently

This one is a no-brainer – if your red hair color washes away quicker and more easily, you need to shampoo it less often. Wash your hair no more than two times a week if you want to prevent your hair colour from fading. If your hair is feeling extra greasy in between your hair washing days, refresh oily roots by spraying some dry shampoo instead.

Tip 2 – Lower the temperature

The hotter the water, the quicker your color will fade. Water causes the cuticles of your hair to open up, and hot water speeds up this process. When your hair’s cuticles are opened, the color rinses away faster. Wash your hair in cold or lukewarm water to prevent premature fading of your hair color.

Tip 3 – Stay away from heat styling tools

Excessive use of heat to style your hair not only damages and dries out your hair strands but also causes your hair colour to fade away faster. Heat causes your hair cuticles to swell and this is a one-way ticket to dull hair colour. Keep heat styling to the minimum if you want to protect the vibrancy of your red hair colour and do not use heat tools on your hair without applying a heat protectant first.

Tip 4 – Shield your hair from the sun

Ever noticed how your patio furniture loses colour after prolonged exposure to the sun rays? Heat of any kind causes colours to fade, and the same applies to your hair as well. Avoid stepping out when the sun is blazing, and if you must go outdoors, use a hat or a scarf to cover your hair.

Tip 5 – Chlorine is a big no-no

If heat is your hair’s biggest enemy, chlorine is its loyal sidekick. Coat your hair with a generous layer of conditioner to form a barrier between the pool water and your hair strands. Even better, wear a swimming cap before jumping into the pool.

Now that you know how to colour and care for your hair, explore the Garnier Color Naturals red hair colour shades and stay on trend with soft, shiny, and nourished locks.