Hair Coloring Trends Through The Decades Hair Coloring Trends Through The Decades

Hair coloring trends through the decades

The past few decades and years have witnessed a drastic shift in the hair coloring trends. From being considered a taboo to now being a form of self-expression, it has come a long way. People today choose to color their tresses for several reasons - some do it to cover their greys, and others like to experiment with colors to change their looks. Ranging from different shades of brown hair color to more experimental shades of blue, green and pink, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a shade. But was the trend of hair coloring always this way? Let’s witness the evolution of hair coloring and trends through the decades.

• 1920

The ’90s saw the rise of dark hair color because of celebrities across the globe. Movie stars were seen donning jet black hair colour and shorter hair. However, hair coloring was considered taboo back in the 1920s. This is why men and women would sneakily color their hair in salons.

• 1930

The hair coloring trend in this decade was heavily influenced by actresses on the big screen. In this decade of all things blingy, icy toned hair color was extremely popular. Women opted for icy blonde or ash brown hair colors, and started experimenting with bold colors as coloring was slowly getting accepted by people.

• 1940

The fashion icons of the ‘40s were spotted with dark brown hair color, which led to the re-emergence of dark hair. Brown hair color for women was getting increasingly popular as more and more women wanted to keep with the trend. Glossy hair with curls was the fashion statement of the 1940s.

• 1950

The ‘50s saw lighter hair color making a comeback with the fashion icon Marilyn Monroe. However, instead of an icy blonde, people opted for a shade of platinum blonde. The second half of this decade also witnessed the rise of the iconic cherry red hair color.

• 1960

The trend of imitating natural red hair color was carried to the ‘60s. Women started experimenting with different shades of red, whereas the companies started creating products that allowed people to try different hair colors from their homes.

• 1970

Classic movies of the ‘70s led to the emergence of the trend of adding highlights to your hair. People with naturally light hair started adding different shades of brown hair color. They usually opted for golden-toned brown hair color as it would blend easily with their natural hair color. Frosted tips were also a big hair coloring trend in the ‘70s.

• 1980

This decade had people experiment with bold colors. The punk rock scene started to gain popularity, which led to people experimenting with bold colours. From orange, pink to even blue, people went all out with their hair color choices. Several people also opted for burgundy tones and wine color hair.

• 1990

After going wild with coloring their hair in the ‘80s, people started going back to more neutral colors. Light brown hair color was a popular choice to add highlights to your hair. Indian movies also helped popularize the trend of coloring your hair to a lighter shade as several leading actresses were spotted with light brown hair color.

• 2000

The beginning of a new century also saw a dynamic change in the hair coloring trends. This decade gave us the iconic ombre hair. People started to lighten the lower sections of their hair to create a beautiful and gradual fade. People with lighter hair chose to experiment with deeper tones of brown hair colour for their ombre. Actresses on the big screen also sported red streaks, which led to people opting for shades of red hair color.

• 2010

The rise of the digital age led to more and more people opting to color their hair. The hair coloring trend of balayage gained immense popularity. People also experimented with different looks and opted for rose gold hair or mermaid hair, which was a myriad of different colors. For people who wanted to play it safe, different shades of brown hair color with a blend of other shades became a popular choice.

The choice of hair colors may have changed through the years, but the idea of playing with colors and experimenting still stays the same. Hair coloring today plays a huge role in the lives of several people and helps them experiment with their hair the way they want to. . So, the next time you head to a salon to get your hair colored, don’t forget to draw inspiration from hair coloring trends over the past few decades.