Hair Coloring Myths Hair Coloring Myths

Hair Coloring Myths

Coloring your hair is super fun! You can experiment with different colors and shades and create a new hair look. Changing your hair color also helps you amp up your appearance and personality. However, have you shied away from coloring your hair due to the dark cloud of myths that surround hair coloring? We are here with our hair coloring brushes and tools to bust all the myths. Here is a list of five hair color myths that need to come to an end!

1. Colored hair is difficult to maintain

This hair color myth is a very common one that stops people from coloring their hair. If you choose the right hair color, and style the upkeep can be little to none. If you have naturally dark hair, coloring your hair in shades of brown will make it very easy to maintain. A balayage has virtually no upkeep since you don’t need to touch up your roots. Apart from this, using a color protection shampoo, conditioner and a good serum is all you need to do. The hair color myth of it being difficult to maintain is totally baseless.

2. Leads to hair damage

This hair color myth is the one we’ve heard the most. Hair coloring doesn’t negatively affect the health of your hair. There are several hair colors that are formulated to care for your hair and nourish it. If proper techniques are used during the process of hair coloring, your hair will remain healthy.

If you are still sceptical about the damage, you can use ammonia free hair colors. Colors formulated with no-ammonia are extremely gentle on the hair and do not cause damage. The range of Garnier hair colors is one of the best hair colors that are all formulated without ammonia. They are also enriched with nourishing oils like almond, avocado, argan and olive. The combination of these oils and a no-ammonia formula ensure that there is no damage caused to your tresses. As an additional step, you can use a color protecting shampoo, conditioner and serum as a part of your aftercare. This will protect your hair and increase the longevity of your hair color.

3. Causes greying of hair

We’ve all heard this hair color myth of greying caused due to coloring your hair. Greying is caused by genetic factors and not external aggressors. It occurs when the production of melanin, the color pigment, is reduced. Coloring your hair doesn’t accelerate the greying of your hair in any way.

If your hair has started to turn grey naturally, using hair color for women and men is the best way to cover them. You can use the Garnier Black Naturals range to touch up your roots with ease. This range has 5 shades for you to choose from. These shades are closer to your natural hair color, giving you a very uniform application of color.

4. The upkeep is expensive

The upkeep of your hair color doesn’t have to be expensive. You can experiment with different hair colors by coloring your hair at home. The Garnier Color Naturals range has a wide range of shades for you to choose from. They have a variety of shades in the color family of brown, black, red and burgundy. From caramel, light or golden toned brown or a raspberry red, this range has it all. You can pick a shade that you like and simply color your hair in your desired color at home.

5. Very time consuming

Often times people avoid coloring their hair because of how long it takes. However, this hair coloring myth doesn’t hold true anymore. With the Garnier Men Shampoo Color range you can color your hair just 5 minutes. This range of hair color has virtually no development time and is as easy to use as a shampoo. Available in three shades, this hair color gives you beautiful and natural looking colored hair with no preparation in just five minutes!