Hair Coloring Ideas for Brunettes Hair Coloring Ideas for Brunettes

Hair Coloring Ideas for Brunettes

Who said only blondes can have all the fun? In the world of hair coloring, brunette hair can be boon. There is a wide variety of options for hair color for brunettes. We are here with three hair coloring ideas that will help you fall in love with your brunette hair.

1. Golden highlights

Brown hair with highlights is a classic hair coloring trend that is universally flattering. If you have naturally brunette hair or brown hair color as your base, experimenting with shades of gold will give you a beautiful result.

Using golden brown hair color to create highlights will elevate the brown tones in your hair. Gold with undertones of brown will help in giving your hair a natural and subtle look. The Garnier Color Naturals in the shade 7.3 Golden Brown is perfect to add a beautiful contrast that will enhance the dark brown hair color. Warm tones of chestnut brown hair compliment golden highlights really well. The warmth of both these colors pairs well and adds dimension to your final hair color.

If you want to venture into a cool-toned hair color, you can opt to add hints of ash brown hair color. This can be achieved by applying some light brown hair color first and then adding gold highlights to it. The base of Garnier light brown hair color will add the perfect amount of cool tone to your final hair color.

2. A touch of red

Coloring your brunette hair in a fiery red will completely transform your look. It’ll give you the right amount of confidence and make you fall in love with your hair. While coloring your hair red, you can opt for a dip dye look or choose a classic balayage. This will create a gorgeous look that will surely make heads turn.

Choosing the right shade of red for your hair coloring adventures is very important. If you want a deep toned red, you can choose a Garnier hair color from the Color Naturals range in the shade Intense Red. This will help you achieve a deep and dark shade of red that will pair well with brunette hair. If you want something that is more fun and vibrant, you can choose a poppy shade of red. The Garnier Color Naturals in the shade 7.65 Raspberry Red is the perfect pick for you. It adds the perfect amount of vibrant flair to your hair!

3. Raven black hair

While we all love the soft look of brown hair with highlights, it is fun to experiment with your hair color. If you have always had light or chocolate brown hair color, going darker will amp up your look. Colour your hair in an intense black hair color, if you want something that is bold. A small change in your hair colour from brown to black will completely transform your personality.

You can choose a global black look or just darken the pieces of hair that frame your face. This will add character to your ensemble and make you look edgy. To color your hair black, you can use the Garnier Black Naturals in shade 1, Deep Black. This permanent hair color is ammonia free and will give your locks the beautiful black color while nourishing them.

If you don’t want a deep black color, but still want to darken your brunette hair, you can choose a black brown hair color. The Garnier hair color from the Black Naturals range in the shade 3 Brown Black will be the perfect pick for you. It will darken your hair by two shades while still having tones of brown to it. This will make your hair color appear more subdued while looking striking as ever!