Hair color vs henna Hair color vs henna

Hair color or Henna, Which One Should You Use?

The hair color vs henna battle has existed for as long as we can remember – to colour or not to colour is the question! If you too have been slumped by these two choices and don’t know which one to use for your next hair colouring session, let us break down the pros and cons of hair color and henna and give you a clear winner.

• Henna

Hennas have been used as a skin and hair dye for more than 5000 years. Natural henna contains a red colouring pigment called lawsone that gives your hair the colour. When you coat your hair strands with henna, the lawsone deposits colour on your hair shafts through gaps in the cuticle. This gives your hair a natural-looking red-toned colour that differs from person to person, depending on your hair type and colour. One of the most important downsides of using henna is that you get absolutely no variety in terms of hair colour. Most henna available in the market today is also laden with chemicals, so you lose out on all the benefits of natural henna. Some people also experience extreme hair dryness after using henna, so you need to invest in a good deep conditioning treatment to maintain the moisture in your locks and give your hair a luminous shine.

Another thing that makes henna a less-preferable mode of hair colouring is that the application process is not only time-consuming but also extremely messy. Depending on the type of henna and your desired level of vibrancy, henna can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours to show results, sometimes even more if you have really dark hair. Henna also makes it difficult to change your hair colour in the future as it makes your hair shafts less receptive to absorbing colour pigments, especially if you want to get lighter highlights on a darker base shade.

• Hair color

Depending on the type of hair color you use, permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary, the molecules can either coat just the surface of your hair or penetrate each hair cuticle and react with the melanin in your hair. Temporary hair colors can be washed off in just one shampoo while permanent colours stay on your hair forever. What henna could not offer in terms of variety, hair colors make up for it. From icy platinum blondes to shiny black hair colors and everything in between, there is a large variety of shades for you to choose from. If you are worried about damaging your hair, no-ammonia hair colors like Garnier Black Naturals and Garnier Color Naturals have a gentle formula that is enriched with oils to give you a rich hair colour with soft, smooth, and shiny locks. Explore the different, vibrant hair color shades in the Garnier Color Naturals range and give yourself a makeover to stay on top of the latest trends. Whether you want a vivid red hair color or prefer a subtle burgundy hair color ombre, there is a shade for your every mood. On days when you want to cover up your grey roots and match your natural hair, try the Garnier Black Naturals range and get natural-looking black, burgundy, and brown hair color. Hair colors allow you to switch up your style in a quick, easy, and mess-free way. Read this step by step hair colouring guide to learn how to colour your hair at home like a pro.

If you are looking for a hair color for men that allows you to refresh your colour in just 5 minutes, try the Garnier Men Shampoo Color, a 5 minute hair color that’s as easy to use as shampoo! Hair color pigments also do not make your hair shafts less receptive to new colours in the future, so you can experiment with different light and dark shades all you want.

While both henna and hair colors have their own pros and cons, hair colors are a better choice for those who love playing around with different hair colors without having to make a trip to the salon every time. Hair colors also deliver quick results, are easier to apply when compared to henna, and do not make as much of a mess! So, understand your hair type and needs and what your long-term hair coloring goals are before making your choice.