Hair color ideas for short hair Hair color ideas for short hair

Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair

If you’re in the mood to make the switch and cut your hair short and also color it, this is your sign! Short hair is bold, beautiful and empowering. It makes a statement for you when you enter any room. Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with it, especially when it comes to coloring your hair. Because less hair doesn’t have to mean lesser options, right? We are here with a curated list of a few hair color ideas for short hair that will help you amp up your look.

1. Jet Black

If you already have colour-treated hair that is lighter, there is nothing more impactful than going back to jet black hair. If you think black hair color is boring, it is far from it. Going from lighter hair to raven black hair adds so much character to your personality. It is sure to make heads turn and give you the hair makeover you need. One of the best hair color ideas for short hair is to go for the Garnier Black Naturals range. The shade Deep Black will give your hair an intense black color without looking too stark or unnatural. The ammonia free hair color formula coats each strand of your hair with just the right amount of color. It makes your hair soft and shiny natural looking that lasts up to six weeks.

2. A pop of red

Talking about making a statement, there is nothing like red hair color. If your hair length is above your shoulders, a poppy red hair color makeover is just what you need. If you don’t want to go global with this color, you can simply opt for coloring your bangs red like the cool kids. The new trend of adding a bright pop of colour to the hairpieces that frame your face look best on people with short hair. Simply separate the pieces of hair that frame your face and coat them with the color of your choice. One of the best hair color ideas for short hair is going for the Garnier Color Naturals. This hair color is formulated with three essential oils of olive, almond, and avocado. The no ammonia formula of this hair color leaves your hair looking fabulous and nourished for up to eight weeks. You can choose from a variety of red shades in this range like:

You can choose your shade of red depending on how deep or vibrant you want your final hair color to be.

3. A brown toned balayage

Who said a balayage is only for people with long hair? People with short hair look great with it as well. A balayage will add volume and depth to your short hair. The best color option for a balayage has to be shades from the family of brown hair color. Choosing shades of brown is especially great when you are a beginner at coloring your hair. You can choose from varied shades of brown ranging from darkest brown, golden brown to even a light brown.

However, for short hair we highly recommend a caramel brown hair color balayage. This shade of brown hair color looks chic, effortless and transforms your look. The slight tones of caramel make your hair pop and add definition to your hair. The Garnier Color Naturals in the shade 5.32 Caramel Brown, is the perfect pick for a caramel balayage. This hair color has the right amount of brown with slight hints of gold that truly give you a hair makeover. An added bonus is that this shade of caramel brown suits all skin tones, making it a universally a great hair color idea for short hair.

4. Ravishing burgundy

If you have short hair that is dark, and you are looking for something that is bold yet muted this has to be your perfect pick! Burgundy hair color strikes just the right balance of these two things. The best part about burgundy colored hair is that it looks different in different lighting. Indoors, it looks subdued while in sunlight, it completely transforms your look. If you’re a first-timer who is starting to venture out into coloring your hair, you can begin by using semi permanent hair color. This will help you adjust with idea of coloring your hair and give you more room to experiment in the future.