Guide to Long Lasting Hair Color Guide to Long Lasting Hair Color

Guide to Long Lasting Hair Color

Getting your hair colored is such an exciting feeling! From picking the style of hair color to choosing which shade you want to opt for, the whole journey surely gives you an adrenaline rush. However, most people often forget to pick the type of hair color. This is an important factor as it determines the ‘shelf-life’ of the color. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, wondering how long does hair color last? Don’t worry. This guide will help you pick the right type of color based on its longevity. Along with this, we are also here with tips and tricks to ensure you know how to make hair colour last longer and make the most out of it!

Different types of hair color

1. Permanent hair color

As the name suggests, this hair color is permanent. Permanent hair color opens the shaft of your hair and adds pigment to it. In the process, this hair color changes the composition of your hair. Permanent hair color is the most long lasting hair color as it doesn’t wash off. It is usually used when you want to lighten or darken your hair.

If you are looking to cover your greys or opt for a global color, it is best to choose a permanent hair color shade. This long lasting hair color doesn’t wash off. You may need to reapply permanent hair color every four to eight weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. The maintenance of permanent hair color is minimal as you need to touch up your roots only when your hair grows out.

2. Semi-permanent hair color

Semi-permanent hair color is a slightly more gentle blend when compared to permanent hair color. It doesn’t permanently lighten or darken the strands of your hair. When you apply semi permanent hair color, it gets deposited on top of your tresses. This type of hair color does not penetrate your shaft but merely changes its tone.

Semi-permanent hair color can last between 6-12 washes if you are wondering how long does hair color last. After this, the color gradually starts to fade out. Semi-permanent hair colors are great if you want to fix your brassy or ashy hair. They are a decently long lasting hair color that does not damage your hair. Semi-permanent hair colors are widely used when creating a balayage look!

3. Temporary hair color

If you are in the mood to experiment with fun hair color shades but do not want to commit to this type of hair color is for you! Temporary hair color lasts for only one to two washes. It is great to cover your greys in between touch-ups. These hair colors are a quick fix and not a permanent solution.

Tips to make your hair color last longer

Now that you’ve chosen the type of hair color and gotten a beautiful look, you have to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Here are a few tips that will ensure long lasting hair color -

  • After washing the color out of your hair, don’t shampoo your hair immediately. Using a shampoo immediately will not give your hair color enough time to settle into your hair strands.
  • Using hair care products suited for colored hair is a great way to make sure you have long lasting hair color. These products are gentle and contain ingredients that are colour safe and prolong the life of your hair color.
  • To ensure long lasting hair color, it is important to space out your hair washes. Frequently shampooing your hair strips it of the color and results in it fading faster. To prolong the period between washes, you can use dry shampoo on your roots.
  • Using nourishing nourishing hair masks and conditioning treatment helps keep your color vibrant and fresh. Dry hair tends to lose color quicker than hydrated hair. This is why using nourishing hair masks once a week will give you shiny and fresh looking hair color.

While coloring your hair, you can use a mix of permanent and semi permanent hair color to create a super long lasting hair color. However, make sure you do a patch test before applying the color to all your strands. You can use the Garnier hair color range and choose from a wide variety of shades.