Find the perfect hair colors for black hair! Find the perfect hair colors for black hair!

Find the perfect hair colors for black hair!

Shiny, sexy and edgy - Black hair is all of this and more! Jet black hair looks luscious and striking on its own. But we know it can get pretty mundane and boring. Why not spruce up your black locks and pair them with the perfect color? We are here with ideas of hair colors for black hair, that will elevate your tresses and completely transform your look.

1. Black hair with burgundy

The main myth about coloring black hair is that it needs to be pre-lightened. However, this color is the perfect pick if you don’t want to lighten your hair. Burgundy hair color for black hair is the perfect way to add depth to them. Burgundy compliments jet black hair and gives you a deep, yet vibrant look. This color combination looks especially stunning in the sunlight.

2. Black hair with red

The pairing of red and black deserves a chef’s kiss. This hair color for black hair is the perfect shade to add a pop of vibrancy to your look. The best part about red hair color? Red highlights show up on black hair without bleaching it. You can choose to lighten your hair for a fiery look, but this pairing looks beautiful even without it.

3. Black hair with caramel brown

A match made in heaven - caramel highlights on black hair. Caramel brown hair color paired with black hair brightens up your hair. With slight tones of golden and deep brown, this hair color flatters people with all skin tones. If you have naturally black hair, caramel highlights on black hair look best as a balayage.

4. Black hair with golden brown

If you want to add golden tones to your black hair, the golden brown hair color is perfect for you. This hair color for black hair lightens your hair, as much as possible and gives it body. It adds hints of gold and brown, that compliment each other perfectly. By doing an ombre with this hair colour, you can achieve the look of hair with blonde highlights without bleaching them.

5. Black hair with purple

Purple hair color for black hair gives them a very youthful and chic look. You can choose from a wide variety of purple shades. If you don’t want to use pre-lightner, you can opt for a wine burgundy hair color shade. With hints of purple and burgundy, this hair color for black hair suits all skin tones. It is also a great hair color choice because it pairs well with dark hair.

6. Black hair with mahogany

If you like red tones, but want to tone it down then mahogany is the right choice for you. Mahogany hair color is a blend of red and brown tones. It creates a beautifully balanced hair color that pairs well with black hair. This hair color for black hair adds a pop to them. Mahogany highlights or lowlights can make you look super dreamy. To achieve the perfect shade of mahogany, you can mix light brown hair color with a plum red hair color.

The options for hair color for black hair are endless! You can mix and match and create a plethora of looks depending on your mood. To find the perfect hair color for your experiments, you can pick colors from the wide range of options from Garnier. Garnier hair colors give you a rich color pay-off while nourishing them. You can also use the Garnier Virtual Try On tool and virtually try different hair color shades, before picking your favourite!