Best hair color trends for indian hair Best hair color trends for indian hair

Best Hair Color Trends For Indian Hair

Changing your hair colour can make you feel like an entirely new person. It changes your look and adds so much life to your personality. However, people with wheat-ish or Indian skin tone often shy away from experimenting with their hair colour. Different hair colour shades on Indian skin tone are truly beautiful and are so versatile to experiment with. Here is a collated guide of the best hair colour trends for Indian hair, that will help you pick your perfect hair colour for women and men.

Deep wine

Colouring your with a dark burgundy hair colour is always in vogue. This hair colour is very versatile and suits every skin tone ranging from fair to even deeper skin tones. Adding a hint of rouge tint to your hair can add drama and life to your hair. Most people in India have naturally dark hair, so if you want the burgundy hair colour to really pop you can consider lightening your hair. But if you want to avoid lightening it, burgundy colour shows up fairly well on dark hair as well. You can highlight your hair or even go global, this colour is sure to look great either way. This hair colour looks the best when you are under sunlight. This hair colour shade is truly a classic trend that suits Indian men and women.

Caramel brown ombre

If you’re a newbie to the hair colouring world, you will surely love this hair colour trend. A caramel brown ombre is the perfect way to dip your toes into the experience of colouring your hair. Colouring your hair from the roots can be a little daunting at first, which is why an ombre is a great way to start. Caramel brown hair colour truly compliments Indian skin tone, especially people who have fair to medium skin tones. The caramel tones add warmth and drama to your look, while brown seamlessly blends the hair colour with your natural hair colour. This ensures that it looks beautifully blended and well done. You can section half the length of your hair and apply the caramel brown hair colour on it. A pro tip: Use a hair colour brush to blend the colour well.

Raspberry red balayage

If you are in the mood to experiment, another hair colour trend that looks great on Indian skin tone is raspberry red. This hair colour is a definite head-turner. Raspberry red hair colour especially looks good on people with medium to deep skin tones. The intense red hair colour brightens up your appearance and doesn’t clash with your skin. A raspberry red balayage is a great way to add this colour to your hair. The balayage technique ensures that this colour looks seamlessly blended. Along with a fun pop of colour, a balayage will add the right amount of dimension to your hair as well.

A mix of plum and light brown

Applying two different colours can be a great way to experiment and create a fun look. The best colour combination for Indian skin tone has to be an amalgamation of plum and light brown. Adding hints of plum hair colour to light brown coloured hair will amp up your look and create magic. To execute this trend, simply colour the lengths of your hair with light brown hair colour. Make sure to leave a couple of small sections of hair so you can colour them with some plum hair colour. Make sure they are well blended so it doesn’t appear too stark. This can also be a great hair look if you want to venture out of your comfort zone, but not do anything too drastic.

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