7 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair Colour Without Realizing 7 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair Colour Without Realizing

7 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair Colour Without Realizing

Sometimes your day-to-day habits can lead to damaged hair and damaged hair colour, without you even knowing. Several reasons can affect your hair colour – from forgetting to use a heat protector to over-washing your hair with harsh shampoos and much more. A few extra precautionary measures can drastically change the look and feel of your hair and pave way for healthy hair. Here are seven mistakes to avoid that could be fading your hair colour.

1. Using the wrong shampoo

Not all shampoos are your best friends. The type of shampoo that you use can greatly affect the look of your hair colour due to the ingredients such as sulfates and other powerful cleansing agents present in it. You need to pick a shampoo that is formulated to help protect and amplify your hair colour to keep your hair looking vibrant. You can try the Garnier Fructis Long & Strong Shampoo that is enriched with active fruit concentrate to prevent dry hair and prolong the life of your hair colour.

2. Skipping the conditioner

Is hair conditioner necessary? The truth is that conditioning after you shampoo is essential to have healthy hair. A conditioner helps to soothe hair cuticle and adds body. Avoiding conditioner makes your hair more prone to breakage, which can lead to dry hair and damage your hair colour. You can opt for the Garnier Fructis Long & Strong Conditioner that will minimize frizz, increase the appearance of fullness and volume and enhance your hair colour.

3. Excessive washing of hair

Another reason your hair colour may be fading faster than expected is due to the water in your shower. Unfiltered water could contain hard minerals that can build up in your hair, and over time, this can dull your hair colour or even make it harder for your hair to be coloured in the future. Protect your strands by wearing a shower cap on the days you aren’t shampooing. Keep in mind that you do not wash your hair too frequently. If you wash your hair daily, switch to washing it on alternate days and if you wash every other day wash it every third day instead.

4. Overuse of heat styling products

Heat styling tools are great for giving your hair the perfect look, but using these tools excessively is one of the biggest culprits behind damaged hair and damaged hair colour as it leaves your hair dried and fried. Be mindful of how to protect your hair while styling. While using an iron, straightener, or tong, wait until your hair is dry and make sure you adjust it to the right temperature.

5. Your styling products contain alcohol

Alcohol can dry out your strands and damage your hair colour. You may notice an increase in split ends, dullness or breakage in your hair if you are constantly using alcohol-based products on your hair. Make sure that you use alcohol-based products sparingly or opt to use products that are alcohol-free and colour safe while styling your hair.

6. You miss protein treatments

Many of us are unaware of the fact that our hair needs protein to be strong. For those with coloured hair, protein treatments are vital for replenishing damage from chemical services. Every time you colour your strands, your cuticle lifts to allow the colour molecules to deposit. Protein treatments help strengthen the hair and allow it to repair itself after colour treated services.

7. You don’t protect your scalp

A healthy scalp means healthy hair. The harsh rays of the sun can cause dandruff and lead to dry and damaged hair. Even if you don’t go out every day, just a few minutes in the UV rays can leave your hair feeling parched. Pay special attention to your coloured hair by protecting your scalp and strands. Try to throw up your hair into a bun and create a barrier from the sun while keeping your hair hydrated. Another way to safeguard your hair colour is by wearing a wide-brimmed hat or using a scarf before stepping out.

Keep these hair colour tips in mind to shower your hair with all the love and care it needs and say goodbye to dry and damaged hair with Garnier.