2022 Hair coloring trends your must try! 2022 Hair coloring trends your must try!

4 Hair Coloring Styles for 2022

Regardless of your preferred hair color or style, the upcoming year will surely entice you with something new in store for you. With the start of every year comes an impulsive urge and equally quirky ideas to shake things up and change your hair color. Well, it seems 2022 isn’t going to be any different. The new year will be all about subtle but statement-making colors that don’t require constant upkeep. This means, low maintenance hair color and appealing shades. Are you curious about which shades will rock in 2022? We’re ready with our list. Whether you want to go bold or stick to the classic hair coloring styles, here are some hair coloring styles for 2022 that will help you keep up with the fashion and beauty trends.

1. Milk chocolate balayage

Generally, people associate brown hair color with natural brunette hair. But the truth is, there are multiple shades of brown hair to choose from, ranging from  light to dark. And milk chocolate balayage is a great hair color choice. The best part about the balayage hair coloring style is its versatility and low upkeep. The technique of balayage helps create a beautiful sun-kissed look that gives your hair a beautiful body and life. A great combination to achieve the milk chocolate color is to mix the dark and light brown hair color with hints of blonde. This hair color goes well with most skin tones.

2. Auburn pop

Auburn is a variety of red hair color and is often described as reddish-brown. Red is a great 2022 hair color trend and it’s time to fire up your hair with red because YOLO. Weave some red pieces into your base shade by grabbing that red hair color you’ve been eyeing for some time now. The auburn hair coloring style also gives a subtle pop and perfect dimension to your hair. This shade is not as vibrant as some brighter reds and suits most skin complexions and tones. All you need to do is mix the dark brown hair color and red hair color to get the vibrant pop of auburn.

3. Black ombre hair

Black hair color is often misunderstood to be harsh. But the truth is that it can look stunning if you make sure to flatter your skin tone with the correct shade of black. A cool, black-toned hair color goes well on warm skin tones. And to spice up your look, you can use the ombre hair technique. Ombre is a French word and means “to shade.” This is a dip-dye effect in which the hair seamlessly graduates from darkest to light. Smooth black ombre hair is perfect if you are looking for a subtle change and it makes your hair look more voluminous at the root of your strands. Blend your hair from black hue to another color hue with black ombre hair color.

4. Warm burgundy highlights hair

What better way to start the new year than with the brand-new burgundy hair color? The deep red brown of this hue is a great choice if you love earthy tones. Besides one can’t go wrong with the burgundy color.  Go for the burgundy red highlights to develop a cool and unusual color. This hair coloring style can make the hair appear fuller.

Not sure which hair color shade will suit you the best? Use the Garnier Virtual Try-On tool and try a variety of Garnier hair color shades virtually, from the comfort of your home, without having to spend a penny. Once you are confident, try one of these hair coloring styles and transform your hair to ring in the new year with style.