4 hair color mistakes we all make 4 hair color mistakes we all make

4 hair color mistakes we all make

When your first grey hair appears, all hell breaks loose. And as you grow older and the number of grey strands will naturally increase. While we cannot stop greying of hair, we can surely cover them with hair color. It is also a great reason to experiment with your hair color. However, getting a hair color touch up in the salon every few weeks can be quite pricey. Why not do it at home? It is super simple and pocket-friendly. We are sure you know of tips and tricks to keep in mind while coloring your hair at home. Today, we are here to educate you about hair color mistakes you must avoid.

1. Choosing a darker or lighter shade of hair color

Choosing the right hair color for your touch up is of utmost importance. If you choose a darker or lighter shade as compared to the rest of your tresses, your hair touch-up is bound to look weird. If you accidentally chose a lighter shade, you can easily fix it by applying some more of the root touch-up color.

However, if you accidentally chose a darker shade it will leave a stark contrast and look super shabby. To avoid this hair color mistake, choose a hair color shade that is one shade lighter than your natural hair color. We recommend this because grey or silver strands are lighter as compared to the remainder of your dark hair. Opting for a slightly lighter shade will even out your hair color.

If you are unsure of the hair color shade, you can use the Garnier Virtual Try On tool. With this tool, you can virtually try out different hair color shades from the comfort of your home.

2. Touching up too soon

Staying patient between root touch ups is extremely important. It is necessary to let your greys grow out a little as this makes the application process easy. Additionally, coloring your hair too frequently can lead to damaging your hair. So even if you are in the mood to experiment with different hair colors and styles, we recommend waiting for at least two weeks between each hair touch up.

3. Rinsing off the color too soon

While applying your global hair color or root touch up color, it is important to follow the development instructions on the package. If you are in a hurry and leave the hair color for a lesser time than recommended, the pigment will not develop completely. It is best to leave on hair colors for just a couple of minutes longer, as this will help your hair catch the right shade of hair color. But don’t make the hair color mistake of leaving it on for too long.

If you are in a hurry, but still want to do a hair color touch up opt for a shampoo color. Shampoo colors virtually have no development time and are super easy to apply. In just five minutes you will have rich and evenly colored hair.

4. Applying hair color to the lengths

While touching up your greys, it is important to avoid this root touch up mistake. If your roots are grey, but the lengths of your hair are dark, do not apply hair color to your lengths. Applying color to your lengths will make them darker as compared to your roots. This is a grave hair color mistake that will give you uneven hair color.

Avoiding these four hair color mistakes will make the process of hair touch ups at home a breeze! For some of the best hair colors, you can look at various shades from the Garnier Color Naturals, Garnier Black Naturals and Garnier Men Shampoo Color ranges. These ranges have a wide variety of hair color shades in the black, brown, red and burgundy family. All hair colors from Garnier are enriched with nourishing oils that care for your hair while you color them.