Importance of Hair Nourishment Importance of Hair Nourishment

Importance of Hair Nourishment

Nobody wants to go around with dry, dull, frizzy, and unhealthy hair and a simple way to overcome these problems is hair nourishment. Beautiful hair is built with care, and it can deal with harsh weather conditions, pollution, and other external aggressors and appear stunning only if it is nourished well. You can use multiple hairstyling techniques to make your hair look appealing, but without proper nourishment, you might still face hair breakage, hair fall, dandruff, and other hair issues. Don’t forget, taking care of your locks is as important as any other part of the body and you can easily do so if you give your hair the love and care it needs. Here’s why hair nourishment is important -

Why is hair nourishment important?

Healthy hair is the reflection of a healthy body and thick, shiny, strong hair can only be achieved with the help of diet, hair care, and hair nourishment. Hair nourishing treatments provide important nutrients to your hair both internally and externally and make it look and feel great.

Benefits of hair nourishment

  • Reduces hair fall, breakage
  • Prevents split ends, dandruff
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Maintains softness and texture
  • Adds strength

Ways to nourish your hair

1. Oiling

One of the most basic ways of hair nourishment at home is by applying oil. Oiling the hair regularly reduces the swelling and drying of hair which in turn promotes healthy hair. All you need to do is warm up the hair oil a little bit and gently massage it over the scalp and through the lengths of your hair. Then, allow it to rest for a while and wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo.

2. Moisturising

A great way to moisturise your hair and give it the nourishment it needs is by using the conditioner regularly. A conditioner restores lost moisture, detangles the hair, prevents dandruff, repairs split ends and adds volume, and strength to the hair.

3. Masking

A popular trick to achieve healthy hair is by applying a deep conditioning hair mask. A hair mask helps the nourishing ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair and achieve maximum benefits. You can choose from a variety of hair masks such as banana hair mask, papaya hair mask or more depending on your hair type and needs.

4. Eating healthy

What you eat directly affects the health of your hair. Hence, you need to maintain a balanced diet to keep your hair healthy, strong, and shiny all the time. Everyone loves crispy, oily and junk food but such food will only intensify your hair problems and lead to hair loss. So, try to avoid junk food and choose a healthy diet instead. Include vitamin and protein-rich food such as spinach, sweet potatoes, nuts, berries, fish and more to keep your locks beautiful and healthy. This food not only contributes to the health of your hair but also your overall wellbeing.

So, keep the simple ways of nourishing your hair in mind and browse through a wide range of Garnier hair care products to pamper your hair with the love and care it needs!