How To Reduce Hair Fall How To Reduce Hair Fall

How To Reduce Hair Fall

After a good night’s sleep, the appearance of hair strands on your pillow instantly puts you in a state of panic. Hair fall is a pertaining concern these days for most of us. Every time we comb or run our fingers through our hair, we witness broken hair strands. Hair fall can be caused due to genetic, stress-induced, hormonal or seasonal factors. However, we can start to include simple hair fall treatments in our everyday routine to reduce hair fall. Here are 5 easy tips on how to reduce your hair fall.

1. Use an ammonia free hair colour

Many people shy away from coloring their hair due to the fear of damaging it. However, hair color doesn’t necessarily have to cause damage and hair fall. Using hair colors formulated with no ammonia and nourishing oils can be great for your hair. The oils in the hair color formula help to care for the strands of your hair.

One of the best hair color formulas has to be from the house of Garnier. Garnier hair colors are ammonia free and enriched with oils that pamper your hair. The three ranges ammonia free hair color.  These Garnier hair color ranges are formulated using almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil, argan oil and more. These help to drastically reduce damage and hair fall. You can choose from a wide range of shades in the color family of brown, black, red and burgundy.

2. Use conditioner on the lengths of your hair

While washing your hair, it is imperative to use a mild shampoo and to condition your hair. Using a hair conditioner helps to control frizz, moisturize your hair and make it manageable. Not using a hair conditioner after every hair wash can dry out your hair and lead to breakage and hair fall. After you have rinsed out your shampoo completely, take a coin-sized amount of hair conditioner and apply it only to the lengths of your hair. Applying hair conditioner to your roots can make them look oily and wear your hair down

3. Use a serum after every hair wash

After every hair wash, frizzy, dull and dry looking hair is a common phenomenon. However, this problem can be resolved by using one simple product - Hair serum. Hair serums help to control frizz, smoothen your hair and detangles them. It also adds shine to your hair, making it look glossy and sleek.

With a good detangling serum you can detangle unruly hair and smoothen it without weighing your hair down. Regular usage of hair serums helps to prevent breakage and split ends.

4. Comb your hair everyday

We’ve all had lazy spells, where we do not comb our hair for days. It is important to comb your hair twice is an important tip to reduce hair fall. Combing your hair helps you get rid of the knots in your hair and also improves the circulation of blood. Every time you comb your hair, you give yourself a mini massage. Along with increasing blood flow, it also boosts hair growth. Start by brushing the knots out of your hair first and then run the brush from your scalp, to the ends of your hair.

5. Oil your hair

This hair practice of the yesteryears is quite helpful in reducing hair fall. We’ve have been told by our grandmothers to regularly oil our hair. Applying hair oil to your scalp helps to improve scalp health. When you gently massage your scalp with applying hair oil, you stimulate blood flow. It also helps to retain moisture in your hair and doesn’t dry them out while washing it. Regularly oiling your hair makes it smooth, shiny and also reduces hair fall.