Hairstyles For Curly Hair Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Hairstyles For Curly Hair

It might be one of the most difficult hair types to tame, but curly hair looks gorgeous. Curly hair is wild, free and meant to be flaunted. With the right nourishing shampoo, hydrating hair mask and lightweight serum, curly hair can be managed. But why always hide these luscious curls? It’s time to show off your locks with the perfect hairstyles for curly hair. We are here with four curly hairstyle ideas that will elevate your look and give you bouncy and shiny curls!

1. Half-up, half-down

Curly hair is textured and voluminous. The perfect curly hairstyle that flaunts your texture while making your hair manageable is a half-up, half down pony. This is also the perfect hairstyle for curly hair when it is greasy. If you have short curly hair, this hairstyle is perfect to recreate while you’re heading out for brunch or a day out!

After using a sulphate free leave-in conditioner, start by collecting some hair from behind your ears and just below your crown. Create a small ponytail at the back. Once you have secured your hair in one hand, use the other hand to make sure there are no stray pieces of hair. Don’t worry about being too neat, as the slightly messy look will enhance the texture. Tie a cute scrunchie around the ponytail to secure the hair in place.

2. Deep side part

This is a quick 30 second hairstyle for curly hair, that can take your look from drab to fab! It is the perfect look for a night out or when you want to look edgy. A deep side part is dramatic and will surely look better with your beautiful texture.

Start by using your curl cream on damp hair. Scrunch your hair when it is damp to enhance your curls. With the pointed end of your comb, part your hair deeply from any side you prefer. Once you have parted your hair, use some hairspray to set it on one side. Pin the shallow side of your hair behind your ears for a slightly clean look. This is universally complimenting for people with long curly hair or short curly hair.

3. Messy braid

A classic messy braid is a match made in heaven for the your luscious locks. This curly hairstyle is simple, yet looks elegant as ever. It pairs perfectly with your indian outfits, or even adds a cute element to your sundresses. You can also add flowers to your braid and make it look more elegant.

After using your curl cream on damp hair, run your wet brush through it to get rid of knots. Start braiding your hair in the classic three-way braid. If you have more time on your hand, you can also create a fishtail or dutch braid. Once you are done braiding, secure it with a hairtie. Tug at your long curly hair slightly, to make it look messy.

4. Loose bun

This hairstyle for curly hair is a fan favourite. A loose bun for curly hair looks elegant, yet chic. It also lets the natural texture of your hair shine, while keeping your mane tamed. This loose bun is a perfect look for people with long curly hair, as it ensures your tresses will be tucked away.

For your loose bun curly hairstyle, simply flip all your hair forward and collect it in your hand. You can twist it and wrap it into a secure knot. Or you can first make a ponytail where you want your bun to sit. After that, you can wrap all the hair around your ponytail for a voluminous bun. You can pull out two tendrils to frame your face and add dimension.

Curly hairstyles are super simple and completely elevate your look! To care for your curly locks, opt for the premium haircare products by Garnier. The Garnier Hair Food range is free of sulphates and parabens, making it curly girl friendly. So next time you are looking to style your curly hair, don’t forget to try these hairstyles for curly hair with products from Garnier.