Easy Ways To Detangle Hair Like A Pro Easy Ways To Detangle Hair Like A Pro

Easy Ways To Detangle Hair Like A Pro

Tangles! You know the feeling when you try detangling your hair and all you get is a bunch of hair strands in your hands and tears in your eyes. The pain of combing, coupled with the additional stress of losing your precious locks can make anyone cry, and we’ve all been there and done that. No matter your hair type or length, escaping knotted hair strands is a task. And yes, knotty hair can make you do crazy things, but don’t reach for those scissors yet. All you need is a little patience and this guide on ways to detangle the hair easily and efficiently.

Ways to detangle hair

Detangling your hair won’t be stressful anymore because, we, the hair care experts have come up with these simple yet effective tricks on detangling your hair. Read on and discover how to flaunt tangle-free happy hair.

Oil regularly

Applying coconut or almond oil to your hair is one of the best ways of detangling your hair. Gently massage the oil all over your strands and leave it on for a few minutes to give your hair some moisture. Then, try to remove the knots with your fingers and wrap a warm towel on your head for some time. This will help avoid dryness and frizz that cause tangles. So, next time someone asks you how to detangle hair? Share this knowledge with them.

Focus on scalp cleansing

A good way to shampoo is to focus the product on your scalp instead of massaging it through the entire length of your hair. This will prevent your hair from forming knots and clean the scalp simultaneously, since the latter is where most of the oil and debris gets accumulated. Shampooing can form knots, but most knots appear in the lengths of your hair—not right against the scalp. So, cleanse your hair correctly and with the right products. For instance, use a moisturising shampoo instead of a harsh one.

Conditioning is the key

If you think skipping conditioner to save some time sounds reasonable, this is exactly where you’re going wrong. Skipping conditioner could be the cause of your terribly tangled hair. Your hair can get tangled due to lack of moisture and excessive dryness. So, for detangling your hair or rather preventing knot formation at the length, it’s essential to make the conditioner your best friend. Each time you wash your hair, coat your strands with conditioner, and then rinse your hair to finish your routine. Try including a fruit-extract infused moisturising conditioner in your hair care routine and apply this conditioner at the tips of your hair and move upwards towards the roots. Next, comb through your hair with a wide-toothed comb. Not only will it aid in detangling your hair but will also help evenly distribute the conditioner.

Don’t miss the hair mask

Wondering how to detangle hair? Trust a hair mask. Hair that is prone to regular tangles usually lacks moisture and hence needs the boost of moisturisation, which only a hair mask or leave-in hair conditioner can effectively provide. Pamper your hair and provide it with instant hydration by applying a hair mask once or twice a week. This will leave your hair irresistibly soft, beautifully healthy, and detangled.

Dry hair gently and use a serum

Detangling your hair can be less painful if you cautiously dry your hair and use a hair serum post-head-wash. Drying your hair by rubbing it with a towel may seem like the fastest and easiest way to remove excess water, but it doesn’t do your strands any favour - even though it’s heat-free drying. Rubbing the hair repeatedly can cause friction and create more knots. We recommend that you gently wring out excess water and wrap it with a cotton T-shirt or a microfibre towel. Then, before styling your hair, use a smoothening hair serum to detangle any unruly strands. This will smoothen your hair without weighing it down and prevent breakage or split ends.

Make the task of detangling your hair less agonising by following these tips mentioned above. And keep browsing through our wide range of Garnier haircare products and haircare tips to give your hair the best nourishment and care it deserves.