Curly Hair Myths and Facts Curly Hair Myths and Facts

Curly Hair Myths and Facts

If you’ve been blessed with beautiful bouncy curls, learning how to care for them is super important. However, it can be confusing considering there’s so much conflicting information out there, and tons of curly hair myths. So how do you know what to believe? To give you some clarity on how to care for your curls, we decided to bust some of the most common curly hair myths that can ruin your hair and some of them may surprise you! Let’s get started.

Myth 1: Apply oil on wet hair

Curly hair is mostly rough and dry. Hence, it is very important to moisturise them and the best way to do so is by including the oil in your hair care routine to keep your strands shiny and soft. Many people believe that applying oil on wet hair would make it soft and lock the moisture. However, this is not true. We all are aware that oil and water don’t mix. Oil on wet hair gives you a temporary greasy shine rather than an actual healthy glow and you'll just be wasting your luxurious oils this way. The right way to apply oil on your curly hair is when it is absolutely bone dry.

Myth 2: Don’t brush curly hair

Brushing curly hair can be a task because they tend to tangle a lot but that doesn’t mean you don’t brush them at all! Women with curly hair believe the myth that brushing your hair can loosen the curls and lead to frizzy hair. But, brushing your hair spreads the natural scalp oils to the strands, which are necessary to keep them healthy, apart from using your regular curly hair products. Further, combing also improves blood circulation in the scalp. So, here’s the best way to brush curly hair - comb it while you have a curly hair conditioner on.

Myth 3: Trimming curly hair is not required

Some people do not feel the need to trim curly hair. Stop believing this myth. Trimming is not just for styling but also for hair health. Cutting the ends regularly would prevent split ends and promote faster growth. If you wish to grow your hair long and keep it healthy, you must get them trimmed at regular intervals such as three months or six months as it is challenging to retain a healthy length without proper upkeep.

Myth 4: Protective hairstyles prevent damage

Securing curly hair in protective hairstyles such as boxer braids won’t reduce hair damage risk. Most curly-haired women sport these hairstyles and accessories like scarf buns to prevent hair damage. No doubt that these styles are good for a trendy look, but they aren’t doing your hair any good. Instead, tightening hair may trigger damage. So, don’t keep your curls in one spot, set them free and let them do their thing.

Now that you are aware of the curly hair myths, here’s a simple curly hair care routine to keep your curls silkier and glossier all the time.

1. Shampoo Curly hair needs a lot of moisture. However, shampoos can tend to strip your hair of the natural oils, which keep it healthy and hydrated. To prevent this and help your locks retain maximum moisture, use one of the best Indian shampoos for curly hair. Opt for the Garnier Fructis Hair FoodMacadamia Shampoo which is made of a silicone-free formula and will help you get rid of dirt, dust and debris with ease. It is one of the best shampoos for curly hair as it contains maximum macadamia nuts benefits and makes your hair feel nourished, intensely.   

2. Conditioner Curly hair is thirsty hair and shampooing isn’t enough. Use a conditioner for curly hairand coat every strand thoroughly. The Garnier Hair Food Macadamia Conditioner helps to feed, tame and detangle curly hair easily. All you need to do is use a wide-toothed comb to gently work out tangles and allow this curly hair cream like conditioner to work its magic for several minutes before rinsing it out.

3. Hair mask – Control frizzy hairand maintain the moisture throughout by using a hair mask for dry hair and raking it through your curls. Try the Garnier Fructis Hair Food Macadamia Mask that can also be used as a leave-in conditioner for curly hair. This hair mask is vegan and can help transform your hair in minutes.

Keep these myths in mind, browse through the Garnier Hair Food range that includes multiple products for curly hair and flaunt your hair in style.