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Benefits Of Papaya For Hair

Everyone desires and deserves to flaunt luscious and healthy strands but not at the cost of coating your hair with chemicals. What if we tell you that you achieve the hair of your dreams with a delectable superfood? We’re talking about papayas, which are not just delicious and good for your health, but also hold the secret behind amazing hair.

After all there’s a reason why so many hair products contain the extract of this pulpy fruit as one of the main ingredients.  The enzymes in papaya help to break down the buildup of dead skin cells on the scalp and leave it healthier. Packed with goodness and umpteen benefits, papaya is the cure to most of your hair woes - be it hair fall, dandruff or damaged hair. So, let’s dive into the benefits of papaya for hair and how you can make the most of it.

1. Promotes hair growth

Papaya helps to prevent balding and promotes hair growth. It contains folic acid and antioxidants, which enhance the circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles and allow the growth of healthy hair. The antimicrobial properties of papaya help to prevent several infections that can damage your scalp.

2. Controls dandruff

One of the primary causes of dandruff is a fungal infection. And papaya’s antifungal properties help control and prevent dandruff, itchy scalp, dryness, flaking and more. Moreover, papaya is made of components that heal concerns such as breakage, split ends and hair loss.

3. Conditions the hair deeply

Enriched with enzymes of papain, chymopapain, and vitamins A, C with antioxidant characteristics, papaya extracts nurture and condition dull, damaged hair. Using papaya for hair nourishes the scalp and strands immensely and leaves the hair feeling soft and hydrated. It also reduces friction between the strands of your hair and makes your hair manageable.

4. Balances sebum production

Papaya benefits for hair also include the production of sebum. Sebum is your body’s natural oil, and sebum production keeps your hair conditioned and hydrated. Papaya helps to regulate sebum that nourishes, strengthens and protects your hair.

5. Stimulates collagen production

The papaya fruit benefits your hair by stimulating collagen production and strengthening the middle layer of the hair. It helps repair damaged hair and make your tresses strong and healthy.

6. Provides shine

Benefits of papaya include cuticle strengthening. Cuticles are the outermost layer of the hair shaft, and maintaining their health plays a significant role in adding shine to your hair. Papaya restores their health and adds an enviable lustre to your strands.

Now that you are aware of all the amazing benefits of papaya for hair, let us explain how you can easily incorporate this ingredient into your haircare routine. You can try the Garnier hair food range that includes papaya shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. All you need to do is use the papaya shampoo, conditioner and follow it up with the Garnier Fructis Repairing Papaya Hair Mask for dry hair that is formulated for unruly, damaged hair and will help you achieve maximum benefits with ease. Enriched with active ingredients, this hair mask for frizzy hair is easy to use and will provide your tresses with all the love and care they need.

Apart from papaya hair food, you can explore through a wide range of Garnier hair food products to keep your mane soft, healthy, hydrated and flaunt the hair of your dreams.