8 Holi Hair Care Tips to Protect Your Locks 8 Holi Hair Care Tips to Protect Your Locks

8 Holi Hair Care Tips to Protect Your Locks

Holi 2021 is just around the corner and while you are all set to treat yourself to a good time, don’t forget that the festival of colours takes a toll on your hair. Most Holi colours are laden with chemicals that are extremely harsh and damaging for your hair. But with the right Holi beauty tips, you can protect your tresses without compromising on fun. Here are some easy and effective pre and post Holi hair care tips that you must keep in mind to keep your locks healthy and happy.


1. Snip the split ends

The toxins and chemicals from the Holi colours will make damaged hair more rough, brittle, and dry. To maintain the health of your hair, chop off the split ends and get a trim a week before Holi to prevent further damage.

2. Choose the right hair colour

Picture this - you have a Holi party coming up and you want to flaunt a new, fun hair colour for Holi 2021, but you are worried about the colour fading away. With the right hair colour, you will not only show up to the party with a new hair colour but will also be able to keep your hair shiny and silky long after the festival is done. The Garnier Color Naturals range includes rich and long-lasting hair colour shades that provide 100% grey coverage and last up to 8 weeks! And that’s not all, enriched with 3 essential oils, the Garnier Color Naturals shades leave your hair feeling healthy and nourished. So whether you want to play it safe with a light brown hair colour or want to switch things up with a gorgeous red hair colour, there are vibrant Garnier Color Naturals hair colour shades for men and women out there for you.

3. Skip the shampoo

And no, we do not mean playing Holi with dirty, greasy hair! But avoid shampooing a day before or on the day of Holi to keep the natural oils in your scalp and hair intact. These oils will protect your hair from the drying colours. Read on to know what you should do instead –

4. Treat your scalp and hair to an oil massage

This Holi hair care tip probably comes as no surprise to you! Oiling your hair and scalp forms a protective layer on your hair fibres that prevents the colours from damaging your hair shafts and also helps reduce breakage when you wash your hair post Holi. Massage your hair from roots to tip with a generous amount of coconut or olive oil to make sure your hair does not bear the brunt of your Holi 2021 fun.

5. Keep your hair tied up

Another simple way to protect your hair from damage is to tie your hair in braids and pin it up in a bun. Avoid letting down your hair as that will expose more of your hair to the colours and your hair will get tangled up in a knotty mess which will invariably lead to more damage and hair fall.

6. Cover your scalp

If possible, cover your scalp in a stylish scarf or bandana to protect your roots and prevent the colours from drying out your scalp and roots.


1. Use a gentle shampoo for dry hair

Now that all your festivities are done, it is time to treat your hair to a post-Holi treatment. Before going in with a shampoo, rinse your hair with plain water to get rid of all the colour. Once the water runs clear, go in with a mild yet effective shampoo for dry hair like the Garnier Ultra Blends Mythic Olive Shampoo. Enriched with Olive Oil and Vitamin E, this shampoo for dry hair protects and nourishes your hair from within, fights roughness, and adds a natural shine to your hair – just what you need after a long day of playing with colours.

2. Deep condition your tresses

Your hair needs extra hydration and nourishment after Holi, and only washing your hair with a shampoo for dry hair just won’t cut it. To replenish your hair’s moisture and oils, deep condition your hair with a rich and nourishing hair conditioner. And you do not need to shell out big bucks to get a new hair mask, your conditioner will work just fine. Instead of leaving your conditioner on for only a minute, let your hair absorb the goodness for 3-5 minutes and then wash your hair off with cold water to lock in all the nourishment from the conditioner. The Garnier Ultra Blends Mythic Olive Conditioner is perfect for your post Holi hair care regime as it is a paraben free conditioner that is infused with Olive Oil, Vitamin E, and important anti-oxidants that give your hair the nutrition and nourishment it craves post Holi.

3. Refresh your hair colour

If all the colours and excessive rinsing and washing is making your hair colour look a little faded, don’t worry – there is a quick and easy way to refresh your hair colour in just 5 minutes! The Garnier Men Shampoo Color is a men’s hair colour that can touch up your roots, cover your greys, and refresh your hair colour in just 5 minutes. The quick and convenient colouring solution gives you long-lasting hair colour with no prep and very little development time. Simply massage the men’s hair colour on dry hair and wash off like shampoo!

Stay safe, have fun, protect your hair, and welcome Spring with a bang with these Holi hair care tips!