5 trending hairstyles that you must try in 2022  5 trending hairstyles that you must try in 2022

5 trending hairstyles that you must try in 2022

The new year is all about new beginnings and resolutions. However, the new year also brings with it a fresh set of trends that are set to take the masses by storm. From fashion hacks, skincare secrets to unique eyebrow trends and quirky hairstyles, the list is endless. For instance, in the beauty market, the 90s beauty trends have come back with a bang. And you can expect the 90s flair while looking at the trending hairstyles for this year. So in case you were planning to change your look and give yourself a trendy hairstyle makeover, now is the right time to do so. Why? Because we are here with a list of top five trending hair styles that are sure to be in the limelight in 2022.

1. Collarbone lob cut

Each time you see someone flaunt a  trendy bob cut, we’re sure you get excited to try it.  After all, this is a classic hairstyle. But you can go a notch higher and get a  trendier version with this collarbone lob cut. A lob cut is essentially a long bob and is a great hairstyle for short hair. As the name suggests, the length of your hair with this style will end just around your collarbone. This trending hairstyle is great if you want a low maintenance style that looks chic. It is also a great choice if you want to add volume to your hair. To add more edge to this hairstyle, you can opt for a global hair colour in tones of brown. This will enhance your collarbone lob, making it look uber cool!. This will enhance your collarbone lob, making it look uber cool!

2. Choppy layers

If you are searching for trending hair styles that are perfect for straight hair, adding choppy layers is the way to go. This hairstyle is great to add movement and body to your hair. This hairstyle is shorter at the back and longer in the front. This adds a lot of texture to your hair by giving it a feathered look. If you have long and straight hair, this long hairstyle is sure to elevate the appearance of your look. To add more drama, you can colour your hair with a vibrant shade of red or opt for a balayage. The combination of this hairstyle and colour will surely make your hair goals come to life.

3. Curtain bangs

Topping the  the trendy hair style chart once again, the retro curtain bangs are one of the most popular trending hairstyles right now. If you don’t want to reduce the length of your hair, but want to experiment with a cute hairstyle
Curtain bangs are super easy to style as well, just use some  and blowdry your curtain bangs for the perfect look.
leave in conditioner and blow dry your curtain bangs for the perfect look.

4. 90’s layers

If you want to embody the spirit of the 90s, this hairstyle can help you achieve it. The 90s layers look is a perfect long hairstyle that adds movement to your hair. This trending hairstyle will create a clean yet layered look. The layers in this trendy hair style frame your face rather than being bendy. These face-framing pieces also help accentuate the high points of your face. While styling your hair, you can simply use some serum to tame the frizz and slightly straighten your hair for a sleek look. A jet black hair colour is the best choice for this style.

5. Wispy bangs

If you are looking for a curly hairstyle, adding wispy bangs to your hair will surely change your look. Wispy bangs are soft feathered bangs that are perfect for people with a longer face. These bangs especially look great on people who have curly hair as the curls sit beautifully on their forehead. This hairstyle is super easy to maintain as the feathered bangs require very little upkeep.

These trending hairstyles are sure to create a buzz this year. So it’s time you shake things up and experiment with your hairstyles in 2022!