Garnier Light Complete Moisturising Serum-in-Lotion 125ml Garnier Light Complete Moisturising Serum-in-Lotion 250ml Garnier

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Intensely moisturize and brighten your skin tone with the Garnier Light Complete Moisturizing Serum-In Lotion. The lightweight moisturizing lotion not only lightens dark spots but the UV filters in the body lotion also protect your skin from sun damage. The unique serum-in-lotion is the perfect all-season lotion for healthy and hydrated skin without the stickiness.

How To Use

To apply, pour the Garnier Light Complete Lotion into the palm of your hand. Spread the brightening and moisturizing lotion evenly all over freshly cleansed face and body.


Yuzu Lemon Essence & Vitamin C

Product Information

Garnier Light Complete Lotion is a daily use moisturizing serum-in-lotion for body and face. It is enriched with Yuzu Lemon Essence and Vitamin C which lightens dark spots and brightens skin tone. It also intensely moisturizes the skin making it feel soft, supple and nourished all day. Garnier moisturizer has UVA/UVB filters which protects the skin from harmful effects of the sun. The moisturizing lotion is fast absorbing and non-sticky and can be used on face and body both. The light weight face and body lotion can be used throughout the year, even during the summers.