Garnier Men Acno Fight Pimple Clearing Whitening Cream 20 g Acno Fight Pimple Clearing Whitening Cream 45g Anti-Pimple Face Wash 25g

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Get visibly brighter skin that’s free from acne and scars. Garnier Acno Fight Pimple Clearing Whitening Cream is formulated for all skin types. Its double action formula gives you a visibly fairer skin tone alongside fighting pimple-causing bacteria, drying out pimples and reducing redness, all while leaving you feeling cool and fresh.

How To Use

  • Wash your face with Garnier Acno Fight Face Wash
  • Gently Apply Garnier Acno Fight Whitening Cream
  • Use daily for pimple-free radiant skin


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Product Information

Keep your skin pimple-free while leaving it glowing and radiant with a cream that soothes, cures and whitens.


  • Contains properties to help fight pimples
  • Whitens skin and visibly reduces spots
  • Doesn’t block pores
  • Visible results from the 1st use