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Winter Cocoon deeply nourishes and moisturizes your skin, protecting it from the harsh winter elements for up to 24 hours.

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What Is Cold Cream and The Advantages Of Cold Cream You Need To Know Right Now

External aggressors, changing seasons, pollution, and other factors can cause your skin to feel dry, dull, tight and itchy, and make it lose its natural glow. This is the time when your skin needs utmost love and care. Therefore, you need to add cold cream to your regular skincare routine. Cold creams have been around for ages, and you may have seen your mother use them, but do you know what is cold cream, how it works and the advantages of cold cream for skin? To help you understand better, here are reasons you should add this classic skincare staple to your daily regimen.

What is Cold Cream?

In simple words, cold cream is an emulsification of water in oil that gets absorbed into the skin quickly. It is made of some thickening agents that work as a barrier between the external aggressors and your skin while reducing the loss of moisture and leaving behind a cooling effect. Due to the thickening agents present in it, the cold cream cannot be absorbed into your skin as deeply as water-based products, or gel-based products do. The high concentration of mineral oils and wax makes the cream sit on your face more like a hydrating sheet mask than a face moisturiser. It also improves elasticity and makes the skin feel soft and supple.

Advantages of Cold Cream

Now that you know what is cold cream, let’s look at some of the advantages of cold creams:

1. Moisturises the skin

Cold creams restore skin hydration and are a great way to maintain the natural moisture barrier of the skin. It also makes the skin feel softer and helps to maintain skin texture.

2. Prevents itchiness

Dehydrated skin can develop redness, rashes, and itchiness. Using a cold cream can keep these skin woes at bay and help maintain healthy, glowing skin all through the year.

3. Repairs chapped lips

A great reason to add cold cream to your regular skincare routine is that it also works as a lip balm and repairs cracked, chapped lips.

4. Works as a makeup remover

The cold cream is a moisturising makeup remover as it helps to get rid of makeup and also softens the skin. It can be used as a pre-cleanser followed by your regular skincare routine at times when you’re running short of micellar water.

5. Adds glow to the skin

One of the advantages of cold cream is that it adds glow to the skin and makes it feel plump and healthy.

Now that you’re aware of the advantages of cold cream, let us tell you how to add it to your regular skincare routine.

How to Add a Cold Cream to Your Skincare Regimen?

  • Step 1: Cleanse your face with a soothing cleanser to get rid of dirt, dust, and impurities from the skin instantly.
  • Step 2: Help your skin achieve the maximum benefits of vitamin C by applying a few drops of the Vitamin C Face Serum.
  • Step 3: Hydrate and moisturise your skin with the vitamin E-enriched cold cream. This cream contains nourishing ingredients that turn dry and flaky skin into glowing skin, making it one of the best cold creams for winters.
  • Step 4: Protect your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun by applying a cream with broad-spectrum SPF and you’re all set.

Keep the above-mentioned advantages of cold creams in mind and browse through the wide range of Garnier skincare products to flaunt the skin of your dreams effortlessly. You can also check out the Garnier men’s range to help your man have his skincare game on point with ease!

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