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Say hello to soft, shiny, and smooth hair with the Garnier Ultra Doux Hair Oil and the Garnier Ultra Blends Oil In Cream. The Ultra Doux Hair Oil is enriched with extracts of coconut oil and almond oil to nourish your hair and also prevent dandruff. The vitamins in the Ultra Doux Oil improve the texture of your hair to make your hair healthy and supple. The non-greasy formula of the Ultra Doux Hair Oil makes it suitable for everyday use.

Infused with coconut, olive, and almond oil, the Ultra Blends Oil In Cream nourishes your hair and makes it stronger from within. The non-sticky and non-messy messy formula makes it one of the best oil replacement cream for hair. Get 2X the nourishment of regular oils with the Garnier Ultra Blends Oil In Cream.