Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly and Lavender Shampoo 175ml Ultra Blends Royal Jelly and Lavender Shampoo 340 ml Ultra Blends Royal Jelly and Lavender Shampoo 640 ml

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Enriched with a rich blend of royal jelly and lavender, this Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly and Lavender’s formula helps strengthen hair and prevents hair fall

How To Use

Struggling with hair fall? While it can make you feel helpless and disheartened, these tips will help prevent hair loss so you’re tresses don’t leave you stressed out!

  • Comb your hair the right way – Use a wooden wide toothed comb before you use your regular brush. This way, you can untangle your hair while minimizing hair loss and breakage due to pulling.
  • Minimize heat treatments – Save the heat and chemical treatments for a special occasion. If you’re facing hair fall, avoid adding heat and chemicals to your mane. It would also be wise to avoid tight ponytails, braids and other hairstyles that require you to pull hair back tightly.
  • Exercise – Stress and lifestyle changes are a major cause of hair fall. Nothing relieves stress and gets your blood pumping like exercise does! An hour of exercise a day is a great way to slow down hair fall.


Royal Jelly & Lavender extracts

Product Information

Weak and Damaged hair can lead to hair fall. This paraben free product has the goodness of Royal Jelly and Lavender Essence to provide a perfect cure to hair fall. Royal Jelly is rich in Amino Acids, Vitamins and Lipids which help to strengthen hair. Lavender Extracts help to reconstruct hair. Together they help in rebuilding and strengthening your hair. This is the perfect blend for beautiful and healthy hair!