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3 ways of using organic argan oil in your skincare routine - and the benefits

No matter what your beauty hang-up is, there’s a product or two to help you tackle it. But when it comes to health and beauty, the simpler and more natural the product is, the better. What’s even greater is when a product serves several purposes, since that not only simplifies your skincare regimen but also de-clutters your beauty cabinet and your vanity case for when you travel.

From Coconut Oil to Aloe Vera, these magic ingredients serve a myriad of uses. They act as beauty elixir that’s perfect for your hair, skin and nails. Another great ingredient you’ve probably heard several beauty and skincare experts talk about is Argan Oil.

Argan Oil is an affordable product that looks, smells and feels luxurious. It can be used on the hair, skin and body. Its golden hue and nutty fragrance is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why this ingredient is a favourite in beauty products. Argan Oil is extracted from the kernels of the Moroccan Argan Tree. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients including Vitamin E and Fatty Acids – both great softeners for the skin and hair and natural moisturizers. It is light enough to use every day and can also be used to treat those with severe skin conditions. It works well to improve the skin’s elasticity and fight off free radical damage, thus leaving the skin radiant.

Organic Argan Oil has antioxidant properties that does wonders for the skin and brings out its natural glow. It is a fabulous product to use to promote healthy hair, too. When used as a conditioner for the hair and scalp, it boosts cells and encourages healthy hair growth. Not just that, but it also fights dandruff and scalp dryness while repairing brittle hair. If you’ve had a lot of chemical treatments done to your hair, Argan Oil is a wonder ingredient in helping you reverse some of the damage caused by heat or chemical treatments.

When it comes to skincare, Garnier uses the goodness of natural Argan Oil in several of its products. Argan Oil products provide a boost of hydration to the skin and also helps lock in the skin’s natural moisture. The Vitamin E that Argan Oil possesses also helps reduce stretch marks or scars over time. Garnier’s BIO Rich Argan Oil Nourishing Moisturizer is gentle on the skin and moisturizes for up to 48 hours – great for harsh winters!

Here’s a beauty secret for you! A drop or two of Argan Oil on your bare face or on top of your foundation gives you a luminous, dewy look. Rather than carrying a vial of Argan Oil with you, simply get a bottle of Garnier Rich Argan Nourishing Mist. A face mist is an easy and quick way to keep your skin hydrated and fresh during a long day or when you travel. The best part? It shields you from the sun and wind that can strip your skin of its natural oils.

If your skin needs a little extra TLC, try out the Garnier Bio Rich Argan Multi-Use Rescue Balm. It is so nourishing that it infuses new life into the skin while improving its elasticity and making your skin look and feel more youthful. Simply apply it on your face, body, hands or feet and let the intense formula moisturize and repair dry skin.

Garnier products are infused with the secrets of nature. Are you ready to unlock the power of Argan Oil and treat yourself to better-looking skin, hair and health?