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Oil Clear Matcha D - Tox 100g Oil Clear Matcha D - Tox 50g Garnier Men

₹ 180.00 MSRP

₹ 90.00 MSRP

Give your skin a power-boost with Oil-Clear Matcha D Tox. This gel face wash detoxifies pores while purifying and exfoliating the skin. Ideal for a man on the go, it is a natural defence to keep skin balanced while banishing excess oil and leaving your face feeling soft, smooth and squeaky clean.

How To Use

  • Gently massage on to wet face
  • Rinse with water
  • Use twice a day to keep your skin free of excess oil


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Product Information

An anti-oxidant face cleanser to give your skin the boost it needs while keeping the essential oils and ph-balance intact.


  • Enriched with the anti-oxidant properties of Matcha Green Tea
  • Leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and non-greasy