Garnier Men Oil Clear Clay D - Tox 100g Oil Clear Clay D - Tox 50g Oil Clear Clay D - Tox Pack of 2 (100g + 100g)

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The best deep-cleansing skin-purifying face wash for men, Garnier Oil Clear Clay D Tox is enriched with mineral clay to trap embedded sweat, dirt and pollution while preserving the skin’s natural moisture. With menthol for a cooling effect, this refreshing formula will reveal youthful, fresh-looking skin all-day and improve your complexion, too!

How To Use

  • Apply on wet face
  • Gently massage with your fingertips, while avoiding the eyes
  • Rinse off
  • Use daily for best results


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Product Information

A purifying face wash intended to gently target all skin impurities while keeping the skin’s essential oils intact.


  • Enriched with menthol and clay
  • Removes excess oil without drying out the skin
  • Non-greasy skin all-day
  • Makes skin feel fresh and clean